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Latest from the Blog

Angola Dancer

I met the most charming lady on a recent trip to Sutton’s Deli in Angola, Indiana. She stood tall and proud, a smirk of whimsey on her sculpted lips. I wish I looked that good standing on a square. From the mind and hands of master sculptor Greg Mendez. Check out his portfolio, many commission … Read more Angola Dancer

Stalking Under the Hunter’s Moon

Welcome to On the Prowl. This October provided a gorgeous setting for a beautiful full moon. I was staring at the clouds instead of writing my newsletter. This month we explore the goddess of the hunt, the science behind the color of autumn, and go down the rabbit hole on fingerprints. curated a collection … Read more Stalking Under the Hunter’s Moon

Down the Rabbit Hole: Fingerprints

The first case for the British medical investigator Dr. John Thorndyke was working for the defense on what appears to be an open-and-shut case. A business man locks diamonds in his safe with a receipt. In the morning, the diamonds are gone and on the receipt is a red thumbprint. This story The Red Thumb … Read more Down the Rabbit Hole: Fingerprints