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Blushing under the Pink Moon

Welcome to On the Prowl. Wow, April has flown by. I hope it has been kind to you. A late snow made for some spectacular scenery here. This is a simple edition. We explore this month’s supermoon, dive down the rabbit hole of palmistry, and look at some new releases worthy of your attention. April … Read more Blushing under the Pink Moon

Traveling under the Worm(hole) Moon

Welcome to On the Prowl. Spring has sprung! Okay, maybe it’s more like Spring is starting to spring. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this month, but none of it’s about the stuff I’m supposed to think about. Now I’m pulling you into the fantastical madness of time travel, under the worm(hole) moon. Put … Read more Traveling under the Worm(hole) Moon

Cozy under the Snow Moon

Welcome to On the Prowl. Feburrrary has certainly lived up to it’s name this year. To keep warm and cozy, I have a few things to charge your hibernating synapses. We’ll begin gazing at the moon, of course, then dive into a true story that is crazier than fiction. Grab a pencil for a quick … Read more Cozy under the Snow Moon