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The Turkey Who Laid an Egg

Yesterday, I was working on a Det. Jesus De La Cruz short story for our podcast and came across an unexpected lesson is American folklore. Cruz and his now fiancée Aurora Williams (missed it? Check out Razing Stakes for the story) were visiting the American Eagle habitat at the Cleveland Metroparks zoo. I had Cruz … Read more The Turkey Who Laid an Egg

A Lot of Something in Nothing

English is a hard language. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been speaking it for a few decades. It doesn’t matter that I’ve published books using tens of thousands of words in the language. What has me musing on this? NOTHING Here’s the scenario. I asked a co-worker if a project was a bonded project (def: … Read more A Lot of Something in Nothing

Moat in my Backyard

It’s raining, it’s pouring The driftwood is mooring The puppies splashed Then in they dashed And muddied up our flooring OH NO PUPPIES! WIPE YOUR FEET!