Blushing under the Pink Moon

Welcome to On the Prowl.

Wow, April has flown by. I hope it has been kind to you. A late snow made for some spectacular scenery here. This is a simple edition. We explore this month’s supermoon, dive down the rabbit hole of palmistry, and look at some new releases worthy of your attention.

April full moon peaks Monday, April 26 at 11:33pm EDT. According to our favorite source on full moons, The Farmer’s Almanac, this nickname came simple from the abundance of pink flowers that aggressively bloom this time of year. Other names include Breaking Ice Moon, Moon When the Streams Are Again Navigable, and the Frog Moon. We certainly are hearing a lot of frogs around my house.

This month’s moon is going to be especially big and bright. A “supermoon”, the moon will be literally closer to the earth than most full moons. According to NASA, Supermoon was termed by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979 and refers to new or full moons in the part of their orbit that puts them closest to Earth. There will be two this year: April and May. Take the time to step outside and turned your eyes skyward. What do you see in the moon?

Down the Rabbit Hole: Palmistry

Palmistry. Open hand lines and symbols mystical reading

This month’s trip down the rabbit hole lands…in the palm of your hand. Lately, most of my recreational reading has been mysteries written in the 1800s and early 1900s as research for our podcast Mysteries to Die For. I just finished Raspberry Jam by Carolyn Wells. An excellent mystery with some very entertaining characters. Aunt Abbey is the mothering aunt who is fascinated with the occult including seances and palmistry…which started my trip down the rabbit hole.

Palmistry foretells the future based on the lines and bumps in your hands. Also called chiromancy, it was practiced in ancient India, Nepal, China, Persia, Roma, Babylonia—pretty much any place that was any place. Mainstream society’s relationship with the practice has ebbed and flowed over time. Alexander the Great used it as a tool to evaluate character of his officers. During the renaissance, palmistry was one of the seven “forbidden arts” for divination. The U.S. National Library of Medicine has two volumes on the subject. The first is a 1533 volume written by Bartolommeo della Rocca titled  Barptolomaei Coclitis Bononiensis, naturalis philosophiae ac medicinae doctoris Physiognomiae & chiromantiae compendium. Wow. The second title is a miniature book by Andre Corve published in 1578 in Lyons, France titled Excellente chiromancie monstrant par les lignes de la main les meurs & complexions des gens selon les figures qui y sont depeintes. The book couldn’t have been that small with a title that big!

The website China Highlights gives the uninformed beginner (i.e. me) at tutorial in the art. Your palm contains lines that connect to life as we know it. Marriage, love, career, health, wisdom are there for the reading. But which hand to read and how to interpret is where the magic it. Check out China Highlight’s Palm Line Calculator. For myself, I think I need a professional. My marriage line seems non-existent (don’t tell my husband) and my life line is disturbingly short. For the record, I plan to live to 95 and achieve the coveted status of ‘eccentric old woman’.


US National Library of Medicine.


China Highlights

Mysteries to Die For. Season 2: The Originators

Mysteries to Die For combines storytelling and original music to put you in the heart of murder, mystery, and mayhem. This season features adaptations of some of the first stories to be considered mysteries. Episodes drop every other Friday.

New to podcasts? An easy way to start is through my website. Click PODCAST

S2 E7 In Plain Sight drops Friday, April 30

A young seamstress disappears in the middle of the night. For a woman of no great importance, someone is going to extremes to hide her. The job of finding her falls to the esteemed Mr. Gryce and his young associate Thomas Quinn

An adaptation of A Strange Disappearance by Anna Katherine Greene

S2 E8 Poetic Dissonance drops Friday, May 14

The most famous goldsmith in Paris is dead. His apprentice is under arrest. He is guilty, but not of murder. It is up to Mademoiselle de Scuderi to save him from the guillotine

An adaptation of Mademoiselle de Scuderi by E.T.A. Hoffman

Down & Out Books is the publisher of my mystery series and supports Mysteries to Die For. Check out these new releases on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, indiebound and ask for them at your favorite book store.

Dick Moonlight is dead for real this time. Thanks to a trio of masked thugs in a dark downtown Albany alley, he’s purchased a one-way ticket to the Pearly Gates—that is, until he feels his floating spirit painfully pulled back into his bruised but breathing body. And that’s when the real trouble starts.

A private detective with a short-term memory problem due to a wayward self-inflicted slug, Moonlight knows he’s still in danger. Now he just needs to know why. And he’s got plenty of enemies to keep him guessing—the Albany police, the local mob, even the latest love of his life, Lola, can’t be trusted. Only his Vietnam-vet best friend, Georgie, is on the level. But it seems the goons who tried to take him out have bigger fish to fry—chiefly Moonlight’s latest client, Peter Czech, a handicapped nuclear engineer with a mysterious Russian heritage. Czech had something—a box—the gang believes is now in Moonlight’s possession, and they’re willing to get it any deadly way they can. Problem is, Moonlight doesn’t recall Czech giving him any box—of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have it. He just better figure out where it is before he winds up dead for the last time.

Amazon link is here

It’s August 1986. The Cold War rages and Yuppies make all the money. Fresh off a three-year stretch at Starke for keeping Pearce family secrets, Scotland has a new place to call home on Fort Myers Beach. All should be perfect except Scotland’s wife is going to die unless he comes up with $100,000.

He enlists a trusted friend to help him rob a Tampa casino to pay for her unconventional treatment. While freely risking life in prison if he’s caught, he never thought his trusted accomplice could go rogue and turn against him. On top of that, his long-lost nieces come to him in need of help only he can provide, while a mysterious female former Marine has her own surprise plan for him.

Scotland hurtles through his new-found freedom right back into a storm of violence and pain with strong women and treacherous men gusting in all directions. Without him, the women would be doomed; without them, he would be. Yet, success and failure are put to the biggest challenge by an unsettled score from the past that threatens to bury them all in the surf.

Coming May 10 from Down & Out Books. Pre-Order Now. Amazon Link is here

See you in May to tiptoe through the petals under the Flower Moon

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