Doing the Back Stroke under the Sturgeon Moon

Welcome to On the Prowl.

Where I wish I was a fish because it’s too damn hot. A wolf (or at least this wolff) was not built for August.

This month we are finding reasons to celebrate August, laughing at ourselves, playing with fish, and looking forward to the next season of Mysteries to Die For

The August Moon is the Sturgeon Moon, named for the time when the delicious fish are bountiful. While fisherman may delight, for the rest of us, August can feel like a long, sweltering desert between the holiday oasis of Independence and Labor day. Our favorite source, The Farmer’s Almanac, relieves the tedium with holidays you can celebrate.

8th: Sneak some Zucchini on your Neighbor’s Porch Day. (A joy for some, a punishment for others)

10th: National S’mores Day (Marshmellow lovers unite!)

11th: Presidential Joke Day (I thought that was everyday…😊)

13th: Left-Handers Day (Only 12% of people are southpaws and, yes, I’m one. So was DaVinci))

14th: National Creamsicle Day (Unexpected. I like it.)

15th: Relaxation Day. (Dang, I could have used that one.)

18th: Bad Poetry Day (I resemble this holiday)

22nd: National Tooth Fairy Day (That’s today!!)

26th: Dog Appreciation Day (That is definitely everyday in our house)

27th: Just Because Day (Goovy)

28th: Race your Mouse Day (Who?….and Why???)

29th: More Herbs, Less Salt Day (Just a reminder that salt is a sodium is dietarily necessary. And yummy)

So pick one and celebrate like it’s going out of style

Mystery lovers! The 2nd in my Diamond series, Suicide Squeeze, is available.

Diamond wanted ten minutes of peace and quiet. She got an incessant doorbell pressed by a gorgeous blonde holding a note compelling Diamond’s help. The blonde had a story, the “no one believes my perfect husband’s been kidnapped” kind. Eyeroll. Diamond slid the safety on the gun and climbed out of the bathtub. Dying would have to wait. Put Suicide Squeeze on the top of your reading stack. From your favorite book seller.

Shortcut to Amazon: Suicide Squeeze

Down the Rabbit Hole: I Don’t Care If You Are Saving The World…

This month I’ve been working on a scene in Diamond’s third mystery (working title Psycho Therapy) where a victim was killed while he was playing an online video game. I’m not a gamer. If I were, I doubt I’d have seven books and a podcast out. So, when I needed insight on the life of gamers – specifically on how much someone you were playing with online would hear. I turned to Subject Matter Experts: my family. Jack, my piano player and podcast producer, turned me on to videos where behind the scenes people stole the show. Yes, it was mostly mothers. It seems we, as a group, all tend to yell to our children without having any idea what they are really doing. The link below is to the first video Jack showed me and it is my favorite. Be a little patient through the set up…it’s worth it. ETA 5 Minutes to Bedtime Boys

Fun with Fish

Let’s celebrate the sturgeon moon with a fishy game. Use the clues to solve for the word. In each answer is the word fish…or rather the letters F, I, S, and H. (Scroll to the bottom for answers)

Someone who works 11p to 7a works the night _________

Oysters, crabs and mussels are type of _____________

My teenage son still has trouble _____________ the toilet

Someone who thinks only of themselves is ___________

The piece of metal between the chimney and roofing is the ____

Pocket Curiosity: East LaPort Footbridge, Plymouth Indiana

Welcome to Mysteries to Die For

Mysteries to Die For. Season 3: Enter the Detective

Mysteries To Die For is BACK!

Mark your calendars for Friday, September 10. Season 3 begins with an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Purloined Letter. This season is titled Enter the Detective. Each of the 11 episodes features the first case of a detective who went on to an illustrious career. Some you know by a single word: Holmes, Poirot, Chan. Others may be new to you but were cutting edge and set the standard for our modern day detectives.

New to podcasts? An easy way to start is through my website. Click PODCAST

Mysteries and thrillers from mainstream publishers leave you feeling like you kissed your best friend?

Then you are ready to step down to Down & Out Books.

Mystery, thrillers and true crime. Gritty. Hard core. Obscure. Twisted. Imaginative. Fantastic. Stories the way you like them.

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Stay cool, my friends, until we meet under September’s Harvest Moon

Fun with Fish: The Answers

Someone who works 11p to 7a works the night SHIFt

Oysters, crabs and mussels are type of SHellFIsh

My teenage son still has trouble FluSHIng the toilet

Someone who thinks only of themself is SelFIsH

The piece of metal between the chimney and roofing is the FlaSHIng

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