May’s Bloody Eclipse Moon

This month is perfect for a mystery writer working to get back in her groove of releasing a newsletter with the full moon. Really, what other day is more fitting for a Wolff??

According to one of my favorite lunar websites, The Farmer’s Almanac, the moon will peak around midnight on Sunday May 15 – Monday May 16. This is going to be a special full moon because the positioning of the earth, moon, and sun will be aligned to give the moon a reddist tint, hence the term Blood Moon. The full moon also coincides will a full lunar eclipse.

It’s a common school of thought that the full moon draws out the crazy in us humans. Turns out, that is an old wives tale. Studies undertaken to draw a correlation between the moon and behavior including crimes and injuries came up empty. This was consistent across the studies. The only study that did find the full moon made a difference. reported on a National Institute of Health 2018 study that found that patients with Bipolar Disorder were sensitive to changes in the mood, which correlated to a change from depressive to manic states. This was a small study, like 18 people, but is interesting for the findings.

Mark your calendars to May’s Full Flower Moon! It’s going to be worth losing sleep over.


Image: The Farmers Almanac

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