Larry the Bag Man Tries to Set Things Right: A Review

It is Spencer Fleury’s turn in Colin Conway’s Back Road Bobby and His Friends 509 crim anthology. Handbrake Hardy Fry may be driving into the sunset, but he did a lot of damage on his way out. Lawrence Clyde Fretwell, aka Larry the Bag Man, was part of the collateral damage. His father had worked with Handbrake and Larry still holds the legendary driver responsible for his father’s death. He’s going to set this right before the old man is gone…in a school bus.

I’m giving this one a solid four stars. This unpredictable story has a lot to offer. Larry isn’t exactly lovable but you feel for the guy. First, he’s driver whose ankle is pinned together so he can drive a school bus but not a getaway car. Second, the kids he drives are jerks! Larry is tenacious, both in his resolute belief that Handbrake is responsible for his father’s absence from his childhood and in his determination to not make it easy for the cops. Run, Larry! Run!

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