Hippy Saves the World: Intro

This blog story was created for the entertainment of one man: Sergeant Joshua Irvin, currently deployed somewhere in this great world of ours with the Ohio Army National Guard, C Company 1, 148th Infantry. This is a story he and I talked about before he deployed and one I plan to keep writing until he’s back home.

If you aren’t Josh and you’re entertained else is entertained by it, well that’s just great. Do me a favor of writing something in the comments to Josh.

If you aren’t Josh and you aren’t entertained by this story, that’s just fine, too. I’m sure we both wish you were somewhere else.

In case you were wondering, Hippy is a real person, a brave one to let me write fiction around him. Yes, this is fiction. Noir in fact. Noir stories contain elements of crime, cynicism, moral ambiguity and strangeness. And so it begins.

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