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This is a podcast where we combine storytelling with original music to put you at the heart of mystery, murder, and mayhem. Some will be original stories, others will be adaptations of classics that helped shape the mystery genre we know today. You can find the episodes on these pages or thru your favorite app. Mysteries to Die For is available from Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, Podchaser. Don’t see your favorite podcast source? Email me and I’ll check it out. Tina at tgwolff dot com

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Season 5: Move It or Lose It

Season 5 features all original stories paying tribute to the vehicles that move murder mysteries. Authors were free to use a mode of transportation in any way they like. The stories are structured, like all seasons, to give you a chance to catch a killer.

What do you get when you mix business with fishing on the charter boat Effing Run Run? Murder, of course.

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An accomplished lawyer is dead. The ME calls it an overdose; the lawyer’s wife calls bullshit. Now Detective Jesus De La Cruz has to determine who is at fault.

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When auto inventor Alastair Stubbins and his investment partner are found dead by carbon monoxide poisoning, the questions outway the answers and everybody has an alibi.

Look for Chuck’s stories in the 2019 Eyes of Texas anthology, Death Edge Tales anthology Vol 4 & 5, and other places.

Brandon Rice’s life ended in an empty lot on the the busiest intersection in Spokane. Who could have possibly wanted to kill the kindest, most trusting man?

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When Mia’s door at Greenbriar Manor is found unlocked, Conchie is certain that means trouble. No one believes her, until she finds the body.

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Slate wakes up in a East German hospital with no wallet, no papers, and no memory. That’s what a bullet to the head can do to you. Now can he figure out who tried to murder him before the killer gets a second chance?

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When the Easter Bunny is found dead in a vintage locomotive, Professor Watson and her AI program known as Doyle start hopping for clues.

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Rockfish and McGee are hoofing it to solve the mystery of a horse theft turned murder.

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The murder of a young barmaid has gone unsolved. Cynthia Deal takes matters into her own hands, bring together three couples, six people with motive.

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Minka Avery is just as tired of the loud and obnoxious Lloyd Sheffield as everyone else. But that can’t be a motive for murder, or can it?

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Charlene Young-Stewart intended to have words with the man who just crashed his BMW into her pear tree. But it’s hard to tell a dead man off. And since its possible she had a teeny part in his death, it was in her own best interest to help Sheriff Matt Hinkle find the answers.

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It’s 1895 and Cleveland Patrolman Grant McPherson is off-duty when he answers a cry for help. In a posh carriage, he finds Mrs. Enid Carter with a gun shot wound she won’t survive.

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Toe Tags

Toe Tags are bonus episodes that bring you the first chapters in new releases in the mystery and thriller genre. Reviews are provided against that elusive “perfect” story to help you find new authors and stories

Mysteries to Die For Past Seasons

Season 1: Widow’s Run.

This is the complete podcasting of my book, Widow’s Run. Each episode is a chapter and each chapter is a complete short story.

Season 2: The Originator.

This is a collection of adaptations of stories that pre-dated mystery as a genre. These inspired other readers and writers, leading to the origination of a new genre.

Season 3: Enter the Detective.

This is a collection of adaptation of stories that were the first cases for serial detectives. Some are famous names, like Holmes and Poirot, others are less famous but with equally great stories and legacies

Season 4: A Word Before Dying

This is a collection of original stories built around the classic mystery theme of the last word spoken before death.