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This is a podcast where we combine storytelling with original music to put you at the heart of mystery, murder, and mayhem. Some will be original stories, others will be adaptations of classics that helped shape the mystery genre we know today. You can find the episodes on these pages or thru your favorite app. Mysteries to Die For is available from Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, Podchaser. Don’t see your favorite podcast source? Email me and I’ll check it out. Tina at tgwolff dot com

Season 4: A Word Before Dying

Season 4 features all original stories built on the classic mystery theme of the last word spoken before death. Authors were free to use the word in any way they like. The stories are structured, like all seasons, to give you a chance to catch a killer.

The full Season 4 is now available. Listen here or everywhere you get your podcasts.

Laurel and Nick’s first anniversary Airbnb getaway is hi-jacked by a woman dying on the kitchen floor. “Nuts!” she tells Laurel before losing consciousness.

S4E1 Nuts! by Judi Lynn

Find Judi Here: https://writingmusings.com/

Jameson Burrish’s health had been failing but death came for him sooner than he wanted. With his daughter and nephew at his bedside, he gasps out his final word “Hiawatha.” Is it the rambling of a sick man or a decree to rewrite his will? The answer falls to private investigator Stefan Kopriva.

S4E2 Finding Hiawatha by Frank Zafiro

Find Frank Here: http://www.frankzafiro.com/

The rag tag team of treasure hunters is within a day of finding the mythical Domas Dei temple when their guide, Den Deadson, meets a messy end. Detective-turned-bodyguard James Delviro now turns back to detective, playing the mongoose to a killer’s snake.

S4E3 In Vino Veritas

People are turning up dead around a small, burned down church outside Las Palmas, NM. Paranormal journalist Eddie Manning investigates to determine if the hand behind the deaths are human or something other.

S4E4 The Legend of El Melena

Find Mark here: https://markedwardlangley.com/

Richard Wedgeworth died in the middle of a party. He ate the same food and drank the same drinks as everyone, yet he was poisoned. Solving it is Diamond’s problem. Too bad she’s not for hire.

S4E5 No Luck Like Bad Luck

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Marissa Steele is implicated in murder when the soon-to-be dead man points to her and says “Jimmy will sue her.” Now her freedom rests in the hands of a semi-retired cop.

S4E6 Sue Her

Find Kyra here: https://kyrajacobsbooks.com/

A developmentally delayed young woman is hit by a truck and killed, the case closed as a tragic accident. But Darlene’s older brother and a volunteer social worker aren’t so quick to close the book.

S4E7 Best Friend

Find KM here: https://kmrockwood.com/

With two men dead, the Captain Saverfeld of the Paul Henry turns to Mr. Edmund Jessop and Mr. Linus Gordon to answer the question of if there is a ghostly hand behind it all.

S4E8 The Ghost of the Paul Henry

At day at the zoon turns into a murder investigation for Detective Jesus De La Cruz. The maintenance supervisor is dead and all of his staff have motive and opportunity. Or do they?

S4E9 Fading Shadow

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Toe Tags

Toe Tags are bonus episodes that bring you the first chapters in new releases in the mystery and thriller genre. Reviews are provided against that elusive “perfect” story to help you find new authors and stories

Mysteries to Die For Past Seasons

Find past seasons of Mysteries to Die For here as well as our bonus episodes, call Toe Tags.

Season 1: Widow’s Run.

This is the complete podcasting of my book, Widow’s Run. Each episode is a chapter and each chapter is a complete short story.

Season 2: The Originator.

This is a collection of adaptations of stories that pre-dated mystery as a genre. These inspired other readers and writers, leading to the origination of a new genre.

Season 3: Enter the Detective.

This is a collection of adaptation of stories that were the first cases for serial detectives. Some are famous names, like Holmes and Poirot, others are less famous but with equally great stories and legacies

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About Mysteries to Die For

The idea for this Podcast game from a live performance Jack and I did at Centuries and Sleuth’s bookstore in Chicago. Jack played an original bass line on the keyboard while I voiced over the story. Think old-time radio meets the piano man. Since the first chapter worked so well, we kept going. Podcasting was brand new to both of us and, yeah, we made some mistakes. They are hilarious!

It was and is important to me and Jack that these Podcasts have the feel of the live show. Sure, we could digitally master everything, artificially make it perfect. Perfectly boring. Jack and I both love the “anything can happen” feeling of performing live. And so we give you it all. To paraphrase Mae West, when we’re good, we’re really good, and when we’re bad, it’s even better