M2D4 Season 2

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The Originators

Season 2 featured adaptations of stories that helped create the mystery genre. Written in the 1800s, these stories were originally classified as horror, romance, and/or the dreaded literature. Each had one or more elements of a mystery. Namely: a crime, a detective, and an intention to find the solution. These adaptations translate the comma-laden 1800s English to a listener friendly performance. Jack’s original music fuels each one and Shannon’s cover art gives you a peak inside. Listen below or from your favorite podcast provider. Enjoy ~T

Two women living a peaceful life. Two women spending an evening in their third floor flat. Two women dead. The doors are locked from the inside, the windows are closed. One man knows who the killer is and how he got in. The thinking man.

An adaptation of The Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe

S2 E1 The Thinking Man

Everyone liked George. So the story went. The evidence was to the contrary. The bank vault was open, the money was stolen, and George was dead. The authorities come up empty and a reward doesn’t help. These are desperate times.

An adaptation of The Somnambulist and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton

S2 E2 Desperate Times

Every man has a guilty pleasure, his was haunted houses. Our detective had seen through smoke and mirrors to the human hand before. Now he’s turning his talents on the home were the housekeeper died with her eyes open.

An adaptation of The House and The Haunters by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

S2 E3 Human Affect

They say poor old Uncle Silas kilt that ornery Jubiter Dunlap, be we know he didn’t have nothin’ to do with it. Our lawyer ain’t worth nothin’. Not to worry. With Tom Sawyer on the case, the real killers ain’t gettin’ away.

An adaptation of Tom Sawyer, Detective by Mark Twain

S2 E4 T. Sawyer, Esquire

It was a thing of legends. Taken, then hidden. Given, then stolen. Suspicion reigns above and below the stairs. Sgt. Cuff steps into the chaos, charged with recovering the famed Moonstone Diamond.   

An adaptation of The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. Part 1.

S2 E5 Sergeant Cuff and the Moonstone Conspiracy

Franklin Blake left England because the woman he loved blamed him for the loss of the fabled Moonstone Diamond. He returned to finish the job Sgt. Cuff started and win back the girl.

An adaptation of The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. Part 2.

S2 E6 Franklin Blake Returns

(Originally planned to be episode 5b, technology didn’t like the “b” and so this is episode 6.)

A seamstress has gone missing from home of the eminent Holman Blake. Young New York detective Tommy Quinn follows a twisty trail to a pair of escaped convicts, a body pulled from the river, and a secret worth a family fortune.

An adaptation of A Strange Disappearance by Anna Katherine Green

S2 E7 In Plain Sight

The finest goldsmith in Paris is dead, the latest victim of a violent thief. His apprentice is arrested for the murder. His life depends on the esteemed Mademoiselle de Scuderi solve the mystery.

An adaptation of Mademoiselle de Scuderi by E.T.A Hoffman.

S2 E8 Poetic Dissonance

When the groundskeeper of an English estate is murdered, the villagers are quick to believe the killer is in an outsider. Miss Loveday Brooke is hired to make quiet inquiries closer to home.

An adaptation of The Murder at Troyte’s Hill by Catherine Louisa Pirkis.

S2 E9 A Craven’s Tale

Any man can have bad luck, but Richard Burwell has had nothing but bad luck his entire life. Intrigued, Dr. Ridgeway, his physician, makes a study of his life, never anticipating the direction the truth takes him.

An adaptation of The Mysterious Card and The Mysterious Card Revealed by Cleveland Moffett.

S2 E10 Blind

Baroness Rosalie Rickhardt died after a long, strange illness. Equally strange was the fact her husband took out three life insurance policies on his bride. Investigator Ralph Henderson is charged with determining if this is a case of fraud or of a candle gone out too soon.

An adaptation of The Notting Hill Mystery by Charles Felix

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