Season 3: Enter the Detective

The idea of a hero detective who solves the unsolvable is not that old. The first master detectives entered into literature in the first half of the 1800s, only 200 years ago. This season is dedicated to the first cases of the professional and amateur sleuths. Some will be household names, others may be knew to you but are definitely worth curling up with on a dark and stormy night.

Mrs. Emily Inglethorpe, aged 70 years and married 2 month, died one summer morning. Scotland Yard is looking at the husband. Hercule Poirot is looking at everyone at Styles Court.

It’s Poirot’s First

S3E10 Poirot and the Affair at Styles

Sir Creighton Davey is dead. Commissioner Nayland Smith was too late to save him. Now he needs to unravel Davey’s last words-the red hand-if he is going to survive the night.

When the safe was opened, the diamonds were gone. In there place was a receipt with a bloody thumbprint. Dr. John Thorndyke, the first medical forensic investigator, has just taken the case for the defense.

S3E8 Thorndyke & the Red Thumb Mark

A young lady doctor is found dead in an isolated part of town. Police are stymied by an iron-clad alibi for the likeliest suspect. The mystery is another knot to be picked apart by the Old Man in the Corner.

S3E7 The Old Man & the Case of Miss Elliot

Pretty little things have gone missing from the elegant Lenton Croft. The unpretentious detective Martin Hewitt is brought in to end the larceny.

S3E6 Hewitt & the Lenton Croft Robberies

A body is found in an empty room. He wasn’t shot. He wasn’t stabbed. He wasn’t strangled. This is the first case for the one and only Sherlock Holmes.

S3E5 Holmes & a Study in Scarlet

Horatio Leavenworth is found dead inside his library. New York police detective Ebenezer Gryce lines up the suspects: the mysterious stranger, the heiress niece, her disenfranchised cousin, and the dedicated secretary. All could have done it. Only one did.

S3E4 Gryce & The Leavenworth Case

A shipping company is the victim of a bold thief to the tune of $50,000. In 1858, that kind of money could support over 560 maids for a year. Many investigated but only one man succeed, the legendary Allan Pinkteron.

S3E3 Pinkteron’s The Expressman and the Detective

The young, beautiful Countess de Tremoral is found murdered on the banks of the Seine River. Her home has been ransacked but the only thing missing…is her husband.

S3E2 Lecoq & The Mystery of Orcival

A woman of high esteem is being blackmailed. She turns to the head of the Paris police for the return of her purloined letter. He turns to the first master detective – C. Auguste Dupin.

S3E1 Dupin & The Purloined Letter

Season 1: Widow’s Run

Enjoy the first in my Diamond series in this episodic format. Each episode is a complete chapter.

Diamond had nothing to lose. Husband, job, house, life – all were gone. What she had now was a purpose – find the SOB who killed her husband. When you have nothing to lose, there are no rules.

Season 2: The Originators

Before mystery was a genre, stories of logic, detection, and sleuthing lived on the shelves of horror, literature, and romance (not like today’s romance, no.) The Orginators is a collection of adaptions of the stories that gave birth to the mystery genre

About Mysteries to Die For

The idea for this Podcast game from a live performance my son Jack and I did at Centuries and Sleuth’s bookstore in Chicago. Jack played an original bass line on the keyboard while I voiced over the story. Think old-time radio meets the piano man. Since the first chapter worked so well, we kept going. Podcasting was brand new to both of us and, yeah, we made some mistakes. They are hilarious!

It was and is important to me and Jack that these Podcasts have the feel of the live show. Sure, we could digitally master everything, artificially make it perfect. Perfectly boring. Jack and I both love the “anything can happen” feeling of performing live. And so we give you it all. To paraphrase Mae West, when we’re good, we’re really good, and when we’re bad, it’s even better