Read, play, solve. My full-length novels and short stories are puzzles designed to be solved. I give you everything you need to unmask the bad guy, wrapped in a world with great characters, humor, and humanity.

De La Cruz Case Files Series

A serial killer is on the loose and he’s cleaning up the streets of Cleveland one drug dealer at a time.

A young woman is in a coma from an apparent overdose…but if she did it herself, why were there two 9-1-1 calls?
Accountant Colin McHenry was out for his daily run when an SUV crushed him. Really, why would anyone want to kill an accountant?

Diamond Series

Diamond. One name for a woman with one purpose: to solve the mystery of her husband’s death no matter who she has to go through

A blond with a note and a missing husband leans on Diamond’s doorbell. It’s a case she can’t turn down. F#$%ing IOUs.

Diamond doesn’t want to see a therapist, but if she did, she wouldn’t pick one who had to jump from her own office window to escape the bad guys. Damn it. Now she has to get involved. Again.

Short Story Anthologies

Giddy Up Done Gone by TG Wolff

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The Fork, The Spoon, and The Knife by TG Wolff
Screwed Up by TG Wolff writing as Anita DeVito

TG Wolff writing as Anita DeVito

Lost In Series

My romantic suspense titles are available on the delectable reading app KISS as well as your favorite e-book outlets.