Driving Reign

Series: De La Cruz Case Files (#2)
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Release Date: July 2020
Pages: 294

The woman in the stingy hospital bed wasn’t dead. The question for Detective Jesus De La Cruz: did the comatose patient narrowly survive suicide or murder?

Faithful friends paint a picture of a guileless young woman, a victim of both crime and society. Others describe a cold woman with a proclivity for icing interested men with a single look.

Beneath the rhetoric, Cruz unearths a twisted knot of reality and perception. A sex scandal, a jilted lover, a callous director, a rainmaker, and a quid pro quo have Cruz questioning if there is such a thing as an innocent man. Truth is a strong rope, tied in a noose. As he closes in, the knot tightens, but who will pay the price? A killer or a member of Cruz’s own family?

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Praise for Driving Reign…

“It grabbed my attention from the start and I couldn’t put the book down! “

“Captivating from cover to cover.”

“I enjoy her style of writing immensely because instead of just telling a story, she gets you invested in the whole plot…”

“Another twisting, turning thriller in the De La Cruz series that kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat”

“Driving Reign combines crime, mystery, and humanity and will keep you turning pages not only to discover whodunit, but also to learn whether family relationships will survive the chaos of their lives.”

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