Razing Stakes

Series: De La Cruz Case Files (#3)
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Release Date: February 2022
Pages: 278

The first day of summer is the last day of a young accountant’s life. Colin McHenry is out for his regular run when an SUV crosses into his path, crushing him. Within hours of the hit-skip, Cleveland Homicide Detective Jesus De La Cruz finds the vehicle in the owner’s garage, who’s on vacation three time zones away. The setup is obvious, but not the hand behind it. The suspects read like a list out of a textbook:  the jilted fiancée, the jealous coworker, the overlooked subordinate, the dirty client.

The Special Assignment. In the middle of investigating McHenry’s death, Cruz is given a special assignment by Police Chief Edwin “Win” Ramsey. Cleveland Water technicians are being assaulted. Cruz’s job – find the SOB before assault turns to homicide.

Aurora’s Next Career. The love of Cruz’s life, Aurora Williams, is struggling with the potential of losing her teaching career. Awaiting a verdict is stressing her to her limits and exploring her options, from bar owner to ballerina, isn’t cutting it as coping.

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Yablonski. Detective Matt Yablonski tied the knot. Nurse Erin Davis is now the missus and home life is good, even if work is a challenge. No one said digging out from under an informant overdosing would be fast or easy or painless.

La Familia De La Cruz. Life for the De La Cruz family is loud and messy, but the food is good. Cruz’s niece Gabriela is growing up, while his sister Mariana is growing out. His mother is quitting her job to sign on to a hair brained scheme of his AA sponsor, Dr. Oscar Bollier. And then there is the man they call Mr. Papi. It’s just another Sunday in Cleveland.

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Top Review from One More Book to Read

“I loved so much about this book! I loved that it was fast-paced, edgy, and full of mystery. I thought the characters were truly realistic and so likable. So many real-world experiences take place in this book, which lends to its relatability. A page-turner and exciting read, this book kept me piqued until the end. This is the third in a series and I really hate I didn’t start at number 1, but as good as this one was, I will definitely be going back and catching up!”

Full review: https://onemorebooktoread.com/2022/04/28/razing-stakes-review/comment-page-1/?unapproved=238&moderation-hash=29086464e8ebfd572cf3a3fcd0030ad1#comment-238

5 Star Review from Nesie’s Place

“A likable character, Cruz doesn’t have the savvy of Joe Fontana or grumpiness of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He does, however, have an everyman quality that keeps him balanced as he deals with his demons from his undercover days, alcoholism, taking the next step with Aurora, and realizing his widowed mother has a sex life.”

Full review: https://nesiesplace.com/2022/04/25/bookreview-razing-stakes/

4 Star Review from Melissa on Goodreads

“If you enjoy police procedurals, I am quite certain you will enjoy Ms. Wolff’s writing style. It is easy to follow and, in this particular book, I found it interesting the way in which she tied all of the stories together. I also enjoyed her portrayal of De La Cruz’s family relationships, as well as the Williams’ family relationships. Oh, and who can resist a book with a line like this: “Monday morning decided to come early again.” Another favorite line: “There is never enough cheesecake.” I think some of us can relate to these sentiments. The theme throughout: “Happy hunting, Detective.”

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