Widow’s Run

Series: The Diamond Mysteries (#1)
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Release Date: November 2019
Pages: 234

One night in Rome. One car. One dead scientist. Italian police investigate, but in the end, all they have are kind words for the new widow. Months later, a video emerges challenging the facts. Had he stepped into traffic, or was he pushed? The widow returns to the police, where there are more kind words but no answers. Exit the widow.

Enter Diamond. One name for a woman with one purpose. Resurrecting her CIA cover, she follows the shaky video down the rabbit hole. Her widow’s run unearths a plethora of suspects:  the small-time crook, the mule-loving rancher, the lady in waiting, the Russian bookseller, the soon-to-be priest. Following the stink greed leaves in its wake reveals big lies and ugly truths. Murder is filthy business. Good thing Diamond likes playing dirty.

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Praise for Widow’s Run…

“Diamond is not an easy person to “like” but she is one to “admire”.”

“Great read! Lot’s of action and interaction with characters. A good mystery, plot and ending! “

“I loved Diamond so much! She is snarky and sassy and just an all out great fun character! This was an utterly entertaining, action filled, and thrilling read and I so look forward to seeing what Diamond gets into or uncovers next!”

“This was a fun book to read. “

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